Attimo. The scent of The Cumberbatch.


I feel like Bear Grylls but i tracked that scent down because i am a curious little shit!! (Dont even try to tell me you’re not curious… :P)

With thanks to Helen, who went to the zoo with Benedict and asked about his beautiful smell, we found out what cologne he wears! Now i love a bit of Cologne. I have regular convo’s with people at work about perfumes so this was something i HAD to sniff. I ended up buying it HERE as i went to every single mother effing perfume store in England and they didnt even have it. I even had my Uncle look at the Duty Free at the Channel Tunnel but NOPE. It’s only a baby bottle but something tells me im going to end up buying the 100ml one…. Anyway

Attimo Pour Home by Salvatore Ferragamo. 

I bought it. Why the fuck not.

The smell, what i can best describe as musky, but a high end whiff of masculine and sex.

If i shut my eyes i get transported into Benedict’s arms with my face snuggled in to that ‘lickable’ neck with him breathing in to my ear and telling me about what a long day he’s had and how his brain his frazzled but good lawd, THAT brain most definitely isnt, Jaysus B…..

Oh fuck it, here’s a professionals best description;

Attimo pour Homme is a fresh and sensual woody oriental fragrance which embodies the masculine facets of Salvatore Ferragamo’s distinctive elegance. An irresistible first impression of fusing freshness opens the fragrance combining aromatic notes of Marjoram, effervescent Cardamom and sparkling Mandarin. In the heart notes a comforting spiciness of Saffron conveys intensity together with a modern touch of Pimento. A powerful dry down of sensual woods such as Patchouli and Vetiver intensify the masculine character of the fragrance and diffuse their suave and smoky tonalities. Ambery Cistus Labdanum and soft White Musk endow the fragrance with extreme sensual oriental facets.

A masculine and elegant man in a beautiful and refined context which emphasizes the beginning of a special moment. An intense instant, a special Attimo, one of those that makes a man’s life thrilling to be lived. A moment sealed with the impeccable style of Salvatore Ferragamo.

It is fucking gorgeous. I am going to wear it over my breasts with pride. And although that review keeps mentioning MASCULINE. Meh… Women could wear this shit. It’s beautiful.

And thanks to Rachel  I cant stop imagining what his neck must smell like after a hard day ‘in the office’. FUCK.

Well, ive doused myself in the Cumberfumes and im going to lay out in the garden in absolute Cumberfume B-L-I-S-S

Basically, 10 out of fucking 10.

Ladies & Gents, treat yourselves. 

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    So a very good friend of mine, toss me her extra lip balm of this exact brand because she got somewhere for free and...
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    Well.. Guess who bought it? Yep. It’s me! :3
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