So my newspaper photoshopped Kim Jong-Un’s hair onto Benedict and I can’t stop laughing.


So my newspaper photoshopped Kim Jong-Un’s hair onto Benedict and I can’t stop laughing.


Doin’ it Right by Benedict Cumberbatch. [x]

He is just too cute!


Tietjens, your Smaug is showing.


T-shirt for the day (without breakfast, make up and hair done)

OMG THIS LOOKS GREAT! Thank you for sharing! 
The ‘drunk deduction’ tee available here


T-shirt for the day (without breakfast, make up and hair done)

OMG THIS LOOKS GREAT! Thank you for sharing! 

The ‘drunk deduction’ tee available here

Just a tiny heads up

Beware of fake Benedict quotes. Another few handfuls is spreading like wildfire on tumblr. A simple tip is to google the quotes to see if they get any hits outside tumblr if you are in doubt. It will save you for disappointment and false hopes.  

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you are glorious and I adore you as a blogger.

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  • he loves that we scream when the molly kiss came on screen
  • we all applauded him when he asked for a bottle of water and proceeded imitated us in a high pitched voice “oh my god he’s a normal person”
  • we were allowed to yell out characters he should play next, and loved the idea of being the next Cinderella or fairy godmother
  • he told a guy that he is such a unique individual little snowflake
  • he did the Alann Rickmen impression and told us Tom Hiddleson could go fuck himself for copying him
  • he likes that we (meaning everyone in the Benedict fan-base) can understand when he is making a joke and when he’s serious, unlike the media.
  • he admitted that he didn’t appreciate being told that people thought he was shorter in person
  • he then admitted that by saying that and making those people feel bad that he knows he is an arsehole.
  • he says fuck a lot and it is incredibly sexy and he knows it because we all went wild every time he swore.
  • he knows that we love the socks

Pictures are mine, from OzComicCon sydney 12.4.14 - credit me if you want to use them 


Benedict Cumberbatch takes the stage with a beat! (x)

Daniel Brühl about Benedict Cumberbatch


Where did you celebrate New Years Eve?

In Barcelona. I had a few days off before we started shooting for The Fifth Estate

You play Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who was, next to Julian Assange, a central figure when it came to the exposure website.

In January we had many on location shoots outside in Berlin: on the Alexanderplatz, in front of the cathedral, in the Tacheles. Some of it with contrary weather. 

For example having minus degrees in the dome of the Berlin cathedral.

The script read: “Julian Assange talks about transparency, in front of him lies Berlin, you can see the city clearly”. But on that evening there was suddenly a blizzard and we couldn’t even see our hand in front of our face, there were crows around us. The cinematographer was desperate. Half a day we were up there, 5 hours for about 2 minutes in the final movie. Well, after 12 years I’m used to the Berlin winter, I didn’t mind so much. But Benedict…

… who plays Julian Assange and became famous through the BBC series “Sherlock Holmes" …

… and I had the problem that our facial expression froze after a time. We looked as if we had injected botox. 

Were there some glasses of vodka to warm up after you finished shooting?

No, this wasn’t a hully gully (?) shoot. We only had time for that on the weekends. I was proud to be the native who showed everyone around the city. Of course I invited them into my tapas-bar, the Bar Raval in Kreuzberg. I took Benedict to the Watergate nightclub, we danced like maniacs. We walked through Kreuzberg together, where he asked me a thousand things. 

Tourists often think that Kreuzberg used to be in East Berlin because the houses haven’t been refurbished. 

That’s what he wanted to know, too. Where are we right now? Confused he asked me: “So this was West?” We became friends quickly. Since the shoot we telephoned once in a while, I’m invited to visit him in his home in London soon. Back in September I met him in London already. That was absurd. 


I had a day off, wanted to go out in the evening, to the Roundhouse, the legendary club in Camden. Just because I have never been there before. Do you see already how I’m apologising?

What happened? 

So, I’m calling Benedict. He agrees immediately that we should meet that night. “I’m so embarrassed, Benedict, you have such a great taste in music and if I tell you now where I’m heading tonight…” - “Where to?” - “Lady Gaga!” - “Great, me too!”. That really wasn’t my music, but she is a pop icon of our time. It was a spectacle. I didn’t want to miss that. 


Apologies if I made any mistakes or it was a bad translation.

Benedict Cumberbatch OzComicCon panel - 12.04.14 - tweet compilation (info, photos and video links)

"Benedict Cumberbatch is so attractive!!!"


Colored aiwa-sensei's dragon rider picture!